APS  Partnership

Commercial and Project Specialists


Helping clients win by adopting the best commercial approaches

What We Do


  • APS Partnership is a leading commercial partner working with businesses and government to create and deliver value beyond their own commercial capability. 

  • We bring an innovative approach to commercial partnering, resourcing solutions, and business intelligence to help our partners achieve success.

  • Our experience in identifying opportunity, capturing value and then delivering the benefits has been successful across central Government and large private sector organisations.     

Why Us?


  • We are passionate and committed to making a difference to our clients. As a niche consultancy, we are diligent, agile and bring extensive knowledge and experience of delivering large scale procurement projects in public and private sector organisations. At the heart of our approach is knowledge and efficiency: We think smarter, act quicker and add value beyond a traditional consultancy.  



  • Commercial Partners - APS are an outcome based commercial and project partner. We have experience of delivery complex projects, transformation, and leading procurement cost reduction initiatives. 

  • Resourcing - Our extensive network of associates and contractors, enables us to respond quickly, mobilising teams to deliver transformation and lead projects. 

  • Business Intelligence  - APS works with SMEs to provide market intelligence, commercial advise and bid writing support that is an essential enabler for growth and maximising profits. 

Our Partners